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What an egregious insult to good taste!

Attacked in my own home before a stranger with a false beard.

6 February 1987
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College. Paperbacks. Knitting. Black coffee. Cigarettes. Literature. Sci-fi television. Talk about love interests. Writing. Plans to change my entire life around. Failures. Existential bull shit angst. Transferring. Pack and moving and packing and moving. Alcohol. Tattoos. Stir fry with tofu and onions. Banana bread. Crossed eyes. Electronic blissed out indie pop. Fuck do I ever hate myself for saying that. A bonny green bicycle named Lukey. Nearly dying in traffic. Myopic eyes. Sex. Dhal with just a pinch of cardamom. Sleeping late into the morning beneath a sunny window. Peeling oranges while listening to The Velvet Underground. Apple tea in chipped white porcelain teacups. And so, so much writing and far away places that are as close as up in my own head.

I post some writings up at wontyousayitsso, so click on over if you're interested. :)

My journal is friends only but I always welcome new friends.
-- ♥ Sara

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