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Nov. 26th, 2015 | 12:23 am

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About Me

I'm a BA student in Fiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago. So, obviously, I'm a writer. I will occasionally post bits of work and a draft here and there. I also dabble around in other creative pursuits and love to cook, so I'll sometimes blog a bit of that here.

I enjoy antiques and collecting odd bits and bobs and every apartment I've ever lived in has bemoaned the fact that I collect vintage luggage. And tiny treasures. And letters. I read. I knit. I drink snobby beers, sometimes. I am newly in love with sci-fi television (namely Doctor Who, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, SG-1/SGA). I love to bicycle and my bicycle is named Lukey, after a folk song brought to my attention by Great Big Sea, my all time favorite band.

This little corner of webspace most often contains my rantings and ravings, talk of school and family and friends, sometimes a titch of intelligent discourse, but rarely, as this is mainly an outlet.

I talk about sex with both men and women (homophobes need not apply), swear and am sometimes rather vulgar, but my grammar and spelling are usually tip top? I am politically and socially liberal, so, again, haters need not apply. I can respect your political views as long as you respect my rights as a human being and woman. I think that's fair, non? Some talk of anxiety and depression (both of which I am trying to weed out of my life), as well as some general health nonsense. If you can't be nice about all sorts of bodies, you'd best look elsewhere and, also, realize that you're not perfect, babycakes.

That's the short of it. If you do friend me, do please leave a comment and let me know where you found me. :)


P.S. If you're looking for the blog where I post up my writings, it's wontyousayitsso.

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Book Review: INSURGENT by Veronica Roth

May. 24th, 2012 | 10:50 am

Hey LJ friends. Long time, no post. Here's part of my current project (a book blog at http://www.saravallejo.com/blog), a book review!

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Genre: Young Adult
Now available from Katherine Tegen Books and HarperCollins.

Picking up where the wildly popular Divergent left off, Insurgent jumps into a war of deadly simulations, faction alliances and secrecy. The five factions—Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Amity and Dauntless—are embroiled in a dangerous war, a war that for Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior, is enough to make her defy her faction, her friends and even the person closest to her, her boyfriend Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton.

As the novel opens, a smattering of people are escaping a futuristic dystopian Chicago on a clattering train, making for the Amity compound where they’ll find temporary sanctuary. But after the upheaval in Divergent, including the simulation that forced Dauntless to shoot Abnegation in the street, the city is fraught, at the brink of a devastating war. The Abnegation died to protect sensitive information, information Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews went to war to hide from the rest of the city, information Tobias’s abusive father, Marcus, knows Jeanine possesses. Information about the outside.

This thread tempts us through the novel as Tris fights against her need to know the truth and her guilt at betraying boyfriend Tobias by being pulled in and tempted by his father. Guilt hangs heavy on Tris’s head for a number of reasons: she has recently shot and killed a friend who was under the simulation that made the Dauntless attack the Abnegation. Bundled with the grief at losing her parents, Tris is in a fragile state throughout Insurgent and acts as though she doesn’t value her life—something she and Tobias fight about with increasing frequency. Finally, after forming an allegiance with the factionless, the Dauntless return to their headquarters, only to fall victim to another simulation. Turn in the Divergent, Jeanine Matthews demands, or one of your kind will die every day until you do. Tris surrenders herself to Jeanine and becomes Jeanine’s test subject as Jeanine tries to puzzle out Divergence and why the Divergent aren’t susceptible to the simulations she uses to control the rest of the population.

From there, the Dauntless and factionless devise a plan to take on the Erudite, the factionless seeking to rebuild a world where there are no factions. But Jeanine still has information that people have died for, information that could change the face of the world as these five factions know it.


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My work, illustrated in a glossy magazine

Nov. 13th, 2010 | 01:51 pm

So, Columbia's Fiction, Design and Illustration departments team up every so often in a project entitled "Zine Columbia" wherein the stories that appeared in the Story Week Reader are illustrated and designed and then printed up in a beautiful glossy magazine.

Yesterday, Alexie called me up and told me she'd picked up a zine to show her parents and opened it right up to a story of mine. Illustrated.

Now, I knew this was going to happen at some point. But then I heard nothing until, well, yesterday.


My two stories el milagro and sally's diner--dusk (links to SWR 2009 pages for easy reading!) were just illustrated in... *drum roll, please!*

Zine Columbia Summer 2010's Moustache Safari!

My pieces are here and here: el milagro; sally's diner--dusk.

The text got rather mangled in translation from page to web. In the magazine, the texts are both rather pretty blues and, well, legible. If you haven't read the text and want to, the SWR 2009 links are your best bet. :)

I encourage you to check out the zine and its partner, The Pompous and the Doomed (via the Zine Columbia link above) because there's some really fantastic illustration throughout the magazines! In printing, MS and TPatD are printed in one glossy magazine--one face up from the front toward the back, the other upside down from the back toward the front. If some of the text is hard to read online, check out the SWR link! There are some really fantastic writers and friends (friend writers!) in both mags.

The magazine was printed in a run of 1,000 copies and Alexie paid $10 for it.

It's actually pretty exciting! Two different artists (and one designer!) took the time and thought to illustrate pieces of my writing. The art and writing appear in a magazine (which is very gorgeous and professional and, um, gorgeous) which is out in the world.


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You are fucking kidding me.

May. 23rd, 2010 | 05:33 pm

So, I'm taking a speech class over the summer, right?

Naturally I'm pissed that I can't just do it online, because seriously, I AM TOO FUCKING OLD FOR THIS BULLSHIT.

We have to submit outlines. There are weekly quizzes. THERE IS A QUIZ ON THE SYLLABUS FOR FUCK'S SAKE. One of the questions is "What are four ways by which you can get a hold of your instructor?"

By the motherfucking throat.

I have to sit and listen to this bullshit for, like, five hours a week.

There's a group project. I may request to do it ALONE.


My other class is COOL SHIT IN SPACE. I get to watch videos online about space which means knitting time, but this will probably also make me want to kill a bitch. Seriously.

But they'll be done and on the cheap. And in eight weeks. And then all I have left is three fiction classes. AND THEN I GRADUATE AND BITCHES CAN SUCK IT.

The end.

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